Me & George

Me & George

Shy Clooney admirer, in her middle years, has encounters with George on the set of “The Perfect Storm” but can’t speak to him. He reminds her of another George, her imaginary husband from childhood. The story ricochets in time and between the movie set and the heroine’s fantasy life. As filming progresses, contact with both Georges becomes problematic, and our heroine, with only humor and fantasy for weapons, battles her aging identity.

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A poignant, hilarious glimpse into both a personal
and civic psyche.

USA Today

Witty, highly watchable
The Scotsman, Edinburgh

Pick of the Week
— at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival,London Times

Hilarious one-woman monologue.
Boston Globe/North

Inventive…riveting.. like anything by Spalding Gray, ME & GEORGE starts by being funny before heading into a darker direction.
The Boston Globe

A potent evening…a terrific showcase for her talent as a writer and actress.
The Boston Herald

“Best One Woman Show of the Year: Leslie Harrell Dillen’s “Me and George.” Eve Ensler was the most high profile one-woman performer of the year but more impressive was Leslie Harrell Dillen’s “Me & George”. The George of the title is George Clooney, as writer-actress Dillen detailed her real life experiences as a stand-in on “The Perfect Storm” at the same time that she happened to be going through a midlife crisis. It’s hard to tell what’s more impressive, Dillen’s sharp and perceptive writing, or her skillful acting.”
—The TAB, Boston