Action Jesus

Action Jesus

The whole Jesus thing is very confusing to me. I find I pray to God for big things and Jesus for parking places and stuff like that. My spiritual life is so superficial.

ACTION JESUS is a spiritual comedy where God and sex infuse a search for faith in lower Manhattan. When Leslie’s husband goes to the mountains to ski and write his memoir she goes to Manhattan to be alone for the first time since she was 19 at acting school there. She improvises her days, no plans, no agendas, and like a modern day pilgrim in progress, grapples with faith as she interacts with people and places in present day New York and in the 60’s New York of her past.

This is probably the first time I’ve gone to review a show and ended up hugging the performer…ACTION JESUS is hilarious and profound…Dillen, with her red hair, black ruffled skirt, and turquoise necklace, is a superb actress. Lively, joyous, and exuberant, she’s committed thoroughly to recreating this journey for us, even giving us a dance or two.
ACTION JESUS at The New York Fringe Festival
— Reviewed by Melanie N. Lee

Leslie Dillen is an amazingly charming and engaging actress. In her autobiographical performance, ACTION JESUS, she makes the tale of her own spiritual quest a funny, moving, and universal story about creativity, love, and the irresistible allure of coincidence.
— Stephen McCauley (author of “Alternatives to Sex”)

ACTION JESUS is funny, smart, and brilliantly acted by writer/performer Leslie Dillen. You’ll laugh. You’ll sigh. You’ll say ‘Amen’.
— Anita Diamond (author of “The Red Tent”)