Dressed Up!

Dressed Up!

DRESSED UP! is about all the crises in Leslie’s life and what she was wearing at the time. Remembrances of her mother and her youth are an evocative mechanism of change and coping, an inheritance to pass on to her daughter and grandchild.

Highly persona and inspirational…Dillen’s DRESSED UP! is a fabric-infused journey back through a life in which clothing does more than adorn the body: it empowers, justifies, and even defines Dillen’s identity over time.
The Boston Globe

The result is a child-lit evening of theatre that veers from rueful self analysis to the wry laughter of poking fun at one’s pretensions.
The Patriot Ledger

Dillen’s script and performance detail her relationship with flair… her only real challenge is having too many interesting things to say rather than too few.
The Boston Phoenix

Dillen’s solo is jazzy and spontaneous.
Theatre Mirror