Death Quilt

Death Quilt
Drama. Two acts. 3w, 3m

deathquilt 2 Set simultaneously in a present day Manhattan country-chic store and a western stagecoach changing station of the late 1800’s, the play depicts three main characters – a hand model, a rancher, a half-Sioux Indian woman, all of whom contend across time with the power of longing and the fear of love.

On a morning in Manhattan Sue Ann, owner of Sweet Country, begins a harried day by having fire house paint spilled on her by O’Brian, cutting her leg, and discovering a mysterious woman named Fleeta in her shop as she pulls from a box an antique quilt.

On a morning in Rogue River, Will waits for his wife, an Indian woman Fleeta who has not returned from her Vision Quest, confronts Dolly a boy who’s been stabbed, as his friend Cora begins to sew a quilt made from the dresses of his dead wife.

Through the agency of the death quilt these six characters contend across time as they grapple with mystery, murder, love and identity.


“Grabs you hard in the first minutes and doesn’t let go for two hours. I found myself totally engrossed from start to finish…written artfully…Humor is used to great effect throughout… This play is remarkably polished and assured.”
The Spokesman, Spokane Washington

“Clearly the work of a confident and distinctive voice…contains all the imaginative freedom inherent in live theater…a substantial, provocative and enticing work. Dillen is a fine young writer, and one with the timeless gift of real belief in the beauty and enduring power of the human heart.”
—KPBX-FM, Spokane, Washington

“This is a wonderful fresh play with themes we long to hear – men and women, women and women, the West, actually the women’s west. It tests our imagination.”
Santa Fe Reporter