Two Wives In India

Two Wives In India
comedy/drama. two acts. 3w, 3m

IMG_6777A funny and provocative play about two American women, an ex-wife Becca and a widow Mary Jo, who may have been married to the same man but have little else in common. One is an interior designer, the other a writer of romance novels. They must travel together in India to celebrate the daughter Emily’s engagement to a Sikh from Delhi. This future son-in-law, his parents, and India put an emotional strain on the two women as they deal with culture shock and the death of Emily’s father, Sam. TWO WIVES IN INDIA leads us to a clash of cultures and a collision of wives. When should we hold on to what we love, and when we should let go?

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…the whole thing is really about spirituality, but not some cheap Western appropriation of Indian culture, landscape, and religion, but rather personal growth and moving-on, that comes not so much from being in India, but from being some place different at a difficult time.
—The Out of Town Moms: Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, Bryce Lambert,

Two Wives in India brings a powerful message of renewed life with a history and culture we wouldn’t normally see, along with that “happily ever after” ending that, let’s face it, can be nice every now and again. Posted on November 10, 2010 by Marrissa Gentile


Photos © John Hayes