Solo Plays

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Me & George

Shy Clooney admirer, in her middle years, has encounters with George on the set of “The Perfect Storm”, but can’t speak to him. He reminds her of another George, her imaginary husband from childhood. The story ricochets in time and between the movie set and the heroine’s fantasy life. Read more…

Action Jesus

A spiritual comedy where God and sex infuse
a search for faith in lower Manhattan. When Leslie’s husband goes to the mountains to ski and write his memoir she goes to Manhattan to be alone for the first time since she was 19 at acting school there. Read more…


Dressed Up!

Dressed up is about all the crises in Leslie’s life and what she was wearing at the time. Remembrances of her mother and her youth are an evocative mechanism of change and coping, an inheritance to pass on to her daughter and grandchild.
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The Passions of Mabel Dodge Luhan

There is a fire that burns in all of us that is
the sexual fire sublimated and become divine.

— Mabel Dodge Luhan

An emotionally charged and inspiring one-woman show from the words and works of Mabel Dodge Luhan, the notorious, much married art patron and symbol of the New Woman in the early 20th century. Read more…