Psalm of the Castle
40 minutes. Drama. 1w,1m.

A chamber piece based on the works of Denise Levertov. A lost woman and fallen angel inhabit the landscape of longing. An adult fairy tale that falls off the edge.


Standing Heat
10 minutes. Comedy. 1w, 1m.

A rancher in Montana teaches a divorced woman about artificially inseminating cattle and the joys of new-found love.

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20 minutes. Comedy. 1w, 2m.










A young woman who’s a compulsive shopper, and a desperate unemployed businessman meet in front of St. Patrick’s Church when he flashes her. Incensed she drags him into the church where they are confronted by a Russian archangel with news for them.


The Deal
30 minutes. Comedy. 2w, 1m.

A slick but anxious TV producer, a middle-aged mother with a passionate dream, and a daughter on the brink of a divorce, discover a way to make a deal.


Beyond the Babe Factor
10 minutes. Drama. 1w,1m.

A young male prostitute confronts his acting teacher, a young woman in her late twenties, in her acting studio.


10 minutes. Comedy. 2m, 1w.

Bruce brings Caitlin to a Scottish castle for a date. Mafusto, a blue haired goth, shows up to seduce Caitlin with his guitar playing and puppet.


The Red and The Blue
10 minutes. Comedy. 1w, 1m.

At a 40th high school reunion in Oklahoma City, a woman confronts the man who betrayed her at the senior prom. While their politics differ, their passions find common ground.


Benji 53
10 minutes. Drama. 2m, 2w.

Pilot Captain “Spike” Gibson and Wingman 1LT “Neck” Adams are flying a mission over Iraq. Spike’s plane gets in trouble. Neck and Bulldog, the woman radar operator, try to help him out but he bails out into the yard of a Muslim woman folding laundry.


Brain Surgery
10 minutes. Comedy. 1w, 1m.

Betsey a Midwestern gal at the end of her first date with Eduardo, an intense young Colombian, wants to get rid of him. He tries to seduce her using his brain surgery as dating tool. She resists him using her whiplash condition.


Montana Shots
10 minutes. Comedy. 2w, 2m.

Molly, a young woman in her early thirties, takes her father and step-mother for a hike outside Bozeman Montana. She wants them to get acquainted with her new boyfriend who’s as old as her father. The precariousness of hiking, not to mention bears, is overshadowed by Molly’s family concerns.


Love is the Law
10 minutes. Comedy. 2w, 1m.

A mother and daughter are driving to daughter’s first year at college. Unfortunately mother forgot to pay for her gas at the last stop and a highway patrolman hunts them down. Daughter is embarrassed, mother is flustered, highway patrolman falls in love.