Mabel’s Magic

“The idea was speaking through me. I hadn’t consciously thought it. It was another case of “It.” Let It happen. Let It decide. Something was speaking through me.”  Mabel Dodge Luhan

The first thing Mabel did to change my life was get me into a library.   I’d never spent more than two hours at a time in library and that was in high school! And here I was spending whole days at the Yale Bieneke library, when they opened till they closed. Sitting near people who were looking at the Guttenberg Bible for goodness sakes.

Mabel was prolific to say the least.  there are 1500 pounds of journals, essays, stories, scrapbooks, letters, articles and unpublished novels. Not to mention her published 4 memoirs and book on D.H. Lawrence as a book Winter in Taos. I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume material and complexity of the woman and wanted to quit.

Then on the second day I pulled out a Christmas card she had sent to someone and had a piece of sage inside. I could still smell it.  At that moment she took hold of me. When I discovered a speech she’d given about menopause, I knew was on the right track. Since I was howling my way into that particular phase of my life and felt Mabel was speaking directly to me. At that point she wasn’t about to let me quit or leave the library till I’d found what I needed.   Even though the idea of writing was intimidating I channeled my actor’s credo -stayed in the moment, trusted my intuition and remained for 4 more days