Hello Mabel!


“There is a fire that burns in us, yes in all of us, that is the sexual fire sublimated and become divine. And we loose touch with that fire with the onslaught of the change of life. We must find a way back to that fire!”   Mabel Dodge Luhan

Hi Friends, I hope you will join Mabel and me in my first blog as we prepare for my solo show on her August 6-16 at The Santa Fe Playhouse.

Mabel Dodge Luhan was the notorious, much-married art patron and symbol of the New Woman in the early 20th century. Mabel’s life connected important social and intellectual issues as well as artists and writers such as Georgia O’Keefe, D. H. Lawrence and Willa Cather.

Mabel was a woman who celebrated life with each breath. I let Mabel’s words shape the play. I was the editor, taking passages from her books, essays, and weaving them together. The passages I chose reflected my personal response to her.

Writing in Mabel’s words, performing the show in 1994, I didn’t realize how much Mabel would change my life.

Stay tuned!